Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to become happy person..

Ouchhh...No more stress!!!

Arghhh..there are only two times.!!!I feel stress..

Generally everyone wants to be happy... However, due to all the types of personalities and temperaments and problems in the world that everyone deals with from day to day, staying happy can be a hard task at times. However, there are some things we can do to be happier people...okeh...

  1. Purpose in your heart to be a happy person. Anything we desire to change in our lives must first start with a change of heart and a change of mind.

  2. Think on positive good things. What you dwell on affects your feelings. It's important to change your focus from the negative to positive good things.

  3. Take heed to what you watch on television and what you listen to on the radio, etc. Children are not the only ones who are affected and influenced by what they see and hear. We all are.

  4. Choose your friends wisely. It's important to have positive thinking and believing people around you. People are also influenced by the people that they are around the most.

  5. Most of all, have a grateful heart and attitude. When we are thankful for the little things, it helps you not to focus on negative things or complain about things you may not be able to change at the present time or at all.

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